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“For a book project in 2013 fine-art photographer Daniel Sullivan hiked 220 miles along Maui’s Kings Highway, an ancient footpath that dates back to  the  16th century reign of Piilani. Now in partnership with the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, he offers bespoke day tours along parts of the route.”
– Travel and Leisure November 2016
“Sullivan who has been capturing disappearing civilizations around the world, finally turns his lens on a place he’s called home for the past decade. Sullivan’s images are an attempt to piece together what was lost and, in the process he uncovers a new perspective about travel and respect for the ‘aina (land).
– Hawaii Magazine 2016
"The King’s Trail is a legend in stone. The remains of the original are obliterated in sections, the result of the ravages of time, overgrowth and the heedless incursions of development, so the trail that is left has the truncated aspects of ancient statuary.
Photographing its remnants, as Daniel Sullivan has done, preserves the continuity even in its present fragmented form, and for those of us who love the island of Maui, this book is an attempt to provide a protective ring-a broken ring-around a place we love."
–W.S. Merlin,  United States Poet Laureate